08:00 AM

Registration and Morning Coffee

09:00 AM

Welcome Address by the Chairman

09:15 AM

Opening Keynote: Taking your Business from Idea to Reality

How do you turn your concept or idea into a business or brand that is ready to command market share.

What it takes to compete and how to successfully manage your growth.

09:45 AM

Panel Discussion: PEOPLE WITH POWER

Re-Examining Institutional Leadership Frameworks

  • What is power and what is ambition? What are the dynamics of businessmen need to explore, and how does this get defined in the Middle East
  • How can power and influence be leveraged in order to address critical entrepreneur’s issues and represent those often excluded from the conversation

What are the specific ways that one can exercise power in the workplace

10:30 AM

Morning Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 AM

How to Turn Your Passion into a Viable Business

From hobby to business.

11:20 AM

Panel Discussion: PEOPLE IN FINANCE

Lessons from the frontlines

  • What accounts for the industry’s retention and promotion problem?
  • How have entrepreneurs achieved leadership roles in financial services?
  • What are the barriers to entry and obstacles to retention?
  • How are people in finance addressing these obstacles and reshaping the landscape of finance?

12:00 NN

Networking Lunch

01:00 PM


How to own your market niche and amplify your online & offline reach by optimizing  paid, earned and owned media conten

01:40 PM

DIY PR for Small Business

Maximizing print and web coverage to get your small business noticed

02:00 PM

Retail Trend Watch

Humanizing Stores for a New Connected Customer

02:20 PM

Scaling your Big Idea

Demystifies funding, partnerships and tech adaptations for small businesses

02:40 PM

The Smart Small Business Guide to Leveraging Multiple Social Channels

How can you create consistency across multiple platforms and leverage different channels to support your message.

03:00 PM

Afternoon Break

How can you create consistency across multiple platforms and leverage different channels to support your message.

03:30 PM

Digital Entrepreneurism

  • Scrappy start-up tips and tricks.
  • How to effectively connect with people you will never ever meet.
  • How data can help you guide your content creation process.
  • The most important writing and business skills necessary to succeed in the digital space, content management and social media platforms.

03:50 PM

Panel Discussion: Reasons Why Physical Retail Still Matters

Thinking about all the ways we interact with various retail brands, some daily, we know that the physical store can have one of the biggest impacts on our perception of the brand. Even years into the omni-channel conversation, and decades of opinions calling for the end of brick-and-mortar, physical shopping environments are still the ultimate component. In this session, we’ll share insights on what consumer expectations and how brands are striking the balance between the digital and physical worlds. It’s no longer one without the other, but how they come together to create the ultimate branded experience. Deep customer connections only happen when brands engage on a personal level. Additionally, we dive into brands doing it well (and who could do it better) across specialty, department, big box and online categories.

04:30 PM



08:30 AM

Morning Coffee

09:00 AM

Welcome Address by the Chairman

09:15 AM

Opening Keynote: Build a Brand to Last: Strategies to Make Your Mark and Advance

09:40 AM


Creative people in the workforce are crucial and invaluable, especially when it comes to making memorable and out-of-the-box creations.

This session will provide basic guidelines and every day practices on how to best embrace and work with the creative community to maintain an efficient team.

10:20 AM

Morning Coffee Break

11:50 AM

Visual Merchandising Design

Visual Merchandising is key to a successful retail concept. It is the heartbeat of a store that keeps it vital, relevant and fresh, and is the art and science behind sales.

11:10 AM

Panel Discussion: Refashioning fashion: Making ready-to-wear sustainable

Fast fashion has brought designer products to a mass market, with low prices. But it is also contributing to a culture of disposable clothing that is damaging to our environment and has been blamed for eroding labor practices in their supply chains.

  • How can fashion be accessible and sustainable at the same time?
  • How must supply chains evolve to be responsive yet also more responsible?
  • Who is taking the lead to make the fashion industry more circularly integrated?
  • How have other consumer industries nudged consumer behaviors towards sustainability?

11:50 AM

How technology can keep people in work

In many ways, technology has made our lives and our jobs easier. But long-expected productivity gains from technology have proved elusive. Now, some theorists fear that automation and digitization could kill jobs and hollow out the middle class.

  • Are there challenges to the assumptions behind how automation will impact employment?
  • How can companies, governments and inter-governmental organizations ensure that technology keeps people in productive employment and provided with decent work?

12:10 PM

Networking Lunch

01:10 PM

ROUNDTABLE 1: New funding models for women-led businesses

A disproportionately small amount of traditional investment is funneled to women-led businesses. Yet these businesses can be a significant source of growth and energy for developed and emerging economies alike.

  • How are venture capital firms and other providers of start-up funds responding to the gender imbalance in funding?
  • How are crowdfunding and new investment models helping address the imbalance?
  • What can we learn from successful female founders and businesses that have emerged from different funding models?

ROUNDTABLE 2: The Power of Secret Facebook Groups

Facebook numbers are staggering. Every 5 seconds a new profile is created. There are more than 2 billion active users. And 76% of those users are women. So how do you pull aside some of those people for real connection for your business, activism, hobbies or community building? Listen in to how women have found ways to empower each other, hold trusted conversations, test market new ideas and shift politics, all by staking out private corners of the internet’s noisiest, most crowded space.

ROUNDTABLE 3: Building a Business that Gives Back

Social entrepreneurism is on the rise causing lots of Gen X and Gen Y entrepreneurs to think about business in a different way – beyond just basic business principles and focused on ways to give back to the greater community. This roundtable will offer practical how-to advice and inspiration for building a business model that makes money and also has a positive social impact and return to society. This roundtable will explore how to structure a plan for your business to give back to something you support and believe in. Attendees will learn five easy ways to make a difference in the charity of your choice.

ROUNDTABLE 4: You want me to Charge What? How to Stop Undervaluing Your Work

This roundtable will explore the challenges of setting your perfect price to help you come up with the best price for your product or service. Using interactive exercises you will learn which area you need to strengthen and once learned it can be used again and again to determine pricing. Attendees will leave with confidence to stop undervaluing their work and start charging what your worth!

ROUNDTABLE 5: Disrupting leadership

Women are rising into a broader variety of political leadership roles, demonstrating diverse leadership traits, and taking on leadership roles of increasing size and influence.

  • How do changes in leadership reflect and influence the narratives that define a society?
  • What will define a successful leader in the future?
  • How have the leadership styles of women in power redefined what ‘feminine’ leadership qualities mean, and why does it matter?
  • What is the impact of this growing network of women in defense and how has it shifted political and cultural norms and perceptions of the security field?

ROUNDTABLE 6: E-Health: Health delivery to underserved Groups

Sensing, health apps and wearable technologies have the potential to serve specific target groups such as women, senior citizens, low-income communities and drug addicts. How can we capitalize on nascent technology to address inequalities in healthcare access and treatment outcomes in our societies?

  • What are the current gaps in service and coverage and how are they being addressed via e-health?
  • What are the shortcomings or potential pitfalls of the e-health revolution?
  • How can we work to ensure e-health approaches serve those most in need?
  • How can technology be used to fight specific health concerns, such as those linked to domestic violence?

03:30 PM


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